Fab After 50 and it’s Back to School Time

Fab After 50 and it’s Back to School Time

It’s that time of the year again when we send our kids back to school.  My youngest is 16 and headed in to his junior year in high school.  The countdown has begun.  Being over 50 means I will be so glad when this stage of my life is over.  I love my son to the moon and back, but I am certainly ready to move to the next stage of having all adult children where I don’t have to buy school clothes any more.

Just the other day, we were out shopping for school clothes.  He goes back to school on August 7 so I had procrastinated enough.  I don’t know about you, but I’m still not at a point where I can just hand him a few hundred dollars and send him off to the mall thinking he will come home with exactly what he needs for school.  My kid is not built that way.  I would be greatly disappointed and he would come home with multiple Xbox One games and tell me something crazy like, “I’ll just wear what I already have”.  Are you kidding me???  I’m not going to send my child off to school looking crazy.  My opinion is that you are a reflection of me and when you look good, you do good.  So that is out of the question.

Well, the journey began at his favorite store which is H & M.  If he likes it, I love it.  That is half the battle of finding a store that he actually likes and can find clothes.  But….  the issue with H & M is that they are way too expensive for me.  We usually just end up finding a few pieces on the clearance rack (where I always shop).  He is usually pretty happy with his choices and reminds me every time that he can’t wait to come in this store and buy everything that he wants.  Which immediately incites the ‘it’s time for you to get a job’ conversation.  Unfortunately, you have to be 18 to work in H & M, which he has now asked 3 times.

One of the problems that I have with my son is that he is in the low to mid range on the growth chart, meaning he is still pretty small my most standards for a 16 year old boy.  He is about 140 lbs and 5′ 6″ tall.  He has been consistently the smallest kid on his football teams dating all the way back to flag football.  The length gets us every time.  He wears a 30 inch waist, but needs a 28 inch inseam.  28’s are extremely hard to come by and my son doesn’t like the 30 inch length because they are too long.  What ever happened to folding your pants to the length that you want (and then ironing them down) or better yet, hemming your pants.  Ok, I know that is doing too much.  These kids don’t know anything about hemming a pair of pants.  And quite honestly, I don’t want to have to do it either.

So we end up buying joggers.  He loves them and even if they are a little to long and baggy he is OK with them because they have the elastic at the ankles.  Go figure!!  Along with the joggers, we found a pair of shorts, 8 shirts/t-shirts, a new pair of Adidas, a Jansport backpack, a wallet, and a lanyard.  We did pretty good for our first time out this back to school season.  I committed myself to searching online for some jeans with the right length, but we should be good for at least the first week when you add in the outfits he got for his birthday in June.  Unfortunately, not much else fits him, which indicates he has definitely grown.

I’m determined to not have to go school clothes shopping next year.  I am just going to bite the bullet and give him the money (to go along with what he will have from working because that is a must) and send him on his way.  I’m sure I will need to give specific instructions on what to buy, but it ha to start somewhere.

If you are over 50 and still sending kids back to school, I’m sure you feel my pain.  If you have already moved past this phase, congrats on that achievement.  I can’t wait to get there with you.


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  1. Love this blog … phats is in her sr year and as you know in GA …. but thanks to technology and lots and lots of patience we facedtime shopped together …. she still needs my input go figure! I still feel your pain Chick!

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